For the cream puff

½ cup – 100g di burro
2 tsp – 8 g granulated sugar
1 tsp – 4 g salt
4 medium eggs
1 cup – 150g all-purpose flour
5oz – 150ml water
3.5 oz – 100 ml whole milk

For the ganache

7oz – 200ml fresh cream
1cup – 200g dark chocolate

3.5oz – 100ml fresh cream to whip

For the custard
see recipe HERE

Melt the butter in a large saucepan, add the water, milk, sugar and salt and warm it up over medium heat (about 3 min).
Sift the flour and add it to the mixture, stirring with a wooden spoon. Cook for a few more minutes until the mixture is homogeneous, and pour it into a large bowl.
Cool it by mixing using an electric whisk and add the eggs one by one until you get a smooth cream. Fill a pastry bag and, on a baking pan with parchment paper, form regular shapes leaving space between them. To make the cream puffs more regular during cooking, moisten a sheet of towel paper with water and place it gently on the puffs before baking.
Bake at 356 ° F-180 ° C for 10-12 minutes, trying to leave a small opening in the oven door to let the steam come out.
Allow to cool, and in the meantime bring to boil the cream, and off the heat add the dark chocolate and whisk to obtain a smooth ganache.

Apply a thin tip to the pastry bag, fill the pastry bag with the custard, and make a small hole under each cream puff to fill them up.

Form three layers in the shape of a pyramid with the cream puff, sprinkling each layer with chocolate ganache.
Complete with the sprigs of whipped cream to garnish the dessert.

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