Panzerotti di Puglia!

Panzerotti di Puglia

Pizza/Focaccia dough 7 balls
2.10oz – 60g each ball
2/3 cup – 75g smoked provola
1/3 cup – 50g ham
5/8 cup – 130g peeled tomatoes (cans)
1 tsp – 1g oregano
salt to taste
flour to taste
vegetable oil to deep fry

Using the pizza/focaccia dough, shape into balls of 2.10oz – 60g each.
Put in a floured baking pan and let it rest for about 30 minutes, covering with a cloth.

Meanwhile, in a bowl mix the smoked diced provola, the minced ham into small pieces, and the tomato. Add the oregano and salt, and mix all the ingredients.

After the necessary time, spread out each ball with a rolling pin on a pastry board, giving it an oval shape. Place a generous spoonful of filling in the center of each oval, brush the inner edges of the oval with a little water, and close the panzerotti, sealing the edges well so as not to spill the filling.

Fry in abundant oil until the panzerotto has a nice golden crust.

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