Pane Carasau Millefoglie!

Pane Carasau Millefoglie

½ cup – 110 g robiola cream cheese
Carasu bread (Pane Carasau)
cherry tomato (5 per portion)
sundried tomato (3 per portion)
black pepper
fresh basil
parmesan cheese
3 tbsp – 45g evoo

Put the carasau bread in a baking sheet, forming trying to break it up regularly. Oil and bake for a very short time, being careful not to burn it.
Prepare a cream cheese with the robiola, chopped chervil, salt and pepper.
Slice the cherry tomatoes (about 5 per plate), put them in a bowl, add the dried tomatoes cut into strips and season with oil and salt.
Use to make a sort of millefeuille with pieces of carasau bread alternated with the cream cheese.
Decorate with the seasoned tomato and complete with a sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese (or pecorino).

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